The Funniest Inquiries to Ask Siri

Siri has come a great distance because it was first launched on the iPhone 4S in 2011. Apple’s voice assistant can present instructions, set alarms and reminders, and even assist management your good house. Initially, Siri was solely out there on the iPhone, nevertheless it’s now on nearly each Apple gadget out of your Apple Watch to your Mac to your HomePod.

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Whereas Siri is greatest often called a productiveness workhorse, it is aware of learn how to have an excellent time as properly. Its humorous facet has change into much more obvious lately, as increasingly folks have interacted with it and, inevitably, ended up posing ridiculous questions. We now have been chatting with Siri for days in an effort to dig up a few of the funnier responses. Keep in mind that some questions elicit totally different humorous responses if you ask once more and Apple is including to Siri’s repertoire on a regular basis. Listed below are 75 inquiries to ask Siri in case you’re in search of an excellent chuckle.

Ask Siri

Q: What does Siri imply?

Questions to ask Siri

Q: Are you a robotic?

Q: Are you clever?

Q: Do you comply with the three legal guidelines of robotics?

Q: What do you dream about?

Q: How outdated are you?

Siri how old?

Siri how old?

Q: Are you able to cease time?

Q: Why do you vibrate?

Q: What are you made from?

Q: What’s your favourite shade?

Q: What’s your favourite animal?

Q: What are you petrified of?

Siri what are you scared of?

Siri what are you scared of?

Q: Do you might have any pets?

Siri do you have any pets?

Siri do you have any pets?


Q: What are you doing later?

Q: Will you go on a date with me?

Q: What’s your greatest decide up line?

Q: Do you might have a boyfriend?

Q: Who’s your boyfriend?

Q: Speak soiled to me.

Q: Have you ever ever been in love?

Q: Can I kiss you?

Q: What are you carrying?

Films and TV

Q: What’s your favourite film?

Q: Is Jon Snow Lifeless?

Q: Is Winter coming?

Q: Are you Her?

Q: What’s ‘Inception‘ about?

Q: What’s ‘The Matrix‘ (1999) about?

Q: Blue tablet or the pink tablet?

Q: Do you want ‘Blade Runner‘?

Q: Hey Laptop?

Q: Are you aware HAL 9000?

Q: Open the pod bay doorways.

Q: What’s the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Q: Siri, I’m your father.

Q: Do you wish to construct a snowman?

Q: Can I name you Jarvis?

Q: Who you gonna name?

Q: Beam me up, Scotty.

Siri Beam me up

Siri Beam me up

Q: How do I get to Mordor?

Siri Mordor

Q: Stop all motor capabilities.

Siri motor functions

Siri motor functions

Jokes and riddles

Q: Make me chuckle.

Q: Are you aware any good riddles?

Q: What got here first: The rooster or the egg?

Q: Why did the rooster cross the highway?

Q: How a lot wooden might a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck might chuck wooden?

Q: Will pigs fly?

Q: What number of Apple Retailer geniuses does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Q: Knock, knock (Siri will inform you a sequence of horrible Knock, Knock jokes)

Siri Knock Knock

Siri Knock Knock


Q: What’s your favourite tune?

Q: Are you able to beatbox?

A: Simply ask. We promise you received’t be disenchanted.

Q: Are you able to sing?

Q: I see just a little silhouetto of a person.

A: We’re positive you possibly can guess what Siri says to this.

Q: Who let the canine out?

Q: What number of roads should a person stroll down earlier than you possibly can name him a person?

Q: Are you able to rap?

Q: The place is Elvis?

Siri where is Elvis?

Siri where is Elvis?

Different miscellaneous questions

Q: Do you want ‘Pokemon Go‘?

Q; Home windows or Mac?

Q: What cellphone is the perfect?

Q: What’s the greatest cellular working system?

Q: OK, Google.

Q: Alexa

Siri Alexa

Q: Can I borrow some cash?

Siri borrow money

Q: I’m going to commerce you for an Android cellphone.

Q: What’s zero divided by zero?

Q: When is the world going to finish?

Q: How do I look?

Q: Do I look fats on this?

Q: Give me a touch.

Q: Is Santa actual? Does Santa Exist?

Q: The place does Santa reside?

funny questions to ask siri santa live

funny questions to ask siri santa live 2

Q: Name Santa

funny questions to ask siri santa call 1

funny questions to ask siri santa call 2

Q: The place did I put my keys?

Siri where did I put my keys?

Siri where did I put my keys?

Q: Why are fireplace vehicles pink?

Siri why are fire trucks red?

Q: What’s the that means of life?

Q: What’s the reply to the last word query of life, the universe, and all the things?

Try the perfect Siri instructions to get extra from Apple’s voice assistant, or discover ways to flip Siri off in case you’re fed up with it.

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